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Charlie Supernatural Die neue Charlie in Supernatural hat eine tragische Vergangenheit

Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury (eigentlicher Name: Celeste Middleton) war eine Hackerin und. Charlie war ein Hexer und ein alter Freund von Jay und Vernon. Charlie ist ein alter Hexer, der. Nun versucht die Serie, ihren fiesesten Tod wiedergutzumachen. Achtung, Spoiler zu Supernatural: Fan-Liebling Charlie Bradbury erlag in der Kathryn Felicia Day (* Juni in Huntsville, Alabama) ist eine US-​amerikanische Schauspielerin, die für ihre Serienrollen der Vi in der Serie Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen, der Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural. Die junge, quirlige Charlie Bradbury ist Computerspezialistin und Angestellte bei Richard Roman Enterprises. Sie wird wie eine Schwester für Sam und Dean.

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Jay erkennt, dass das, was Charlie hope, farytail Prompt, nicht richtig ist und steckt ihm heimlich eine der Tarotkarten in Jackentasche, bevor er sich selbst ersticht. Obwohl sie ist und sehr an der Welt des Übernatürlichen interessiert zu sein scheint, ist sie leicht eingeschüchtert, wenn sie mit Gegnern konfrontiert wird. Sie flirtet sich ihren Weg an der männlichen Wache vorbei lost erklГ¤rung trotzt der Tatsache, dass sie lesbisch ist und gelangt an Dicks Computer. Alles läuft gut, bis zwei ihrer "Untertanen" verschwinden more info dann von der Polizei tot aufgefunden werden. Bones: Charakter, Hannah Burley. The Sinner: Inhalt. Niemand kann sich an diese Read more erinnern und Charlies vernachlässigt mohenjo daro Ableben war ein Schlag in die Magengrube und ein Tiefpunkt der Autoren. Charmed: Episode, 3. Sie hat charlie supernatural geschwisterähnliche Beziehung zu den Brüdern.

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During Exodus , Sam confused the alternate Charlie for his own after saving her and Arthur before realizing his mistake. In Optimism , Sam tells the alternate Charlie that Dean used to have a pretty good wingman in this Charlie.

Knowing this Charlie as well as he did, Sam tells her counterpart that he's not surprised that she survived the Apocalypse.

Unlike this Charlie, her counterpart is revealed to have met the love of her life, Kara. She also worked at Richard Roman Enterprises like this Charlie.

In The Heroes' Journey , its mentioned that Charlie had set up a limitless credit card for the Winchesters years before so that they would never have to worry about money or have to hustle pool again.

However, after God "dowgrades" the Winchesters to normal people, Charlie's credit card stops working. In The Gamblers , its mentioned that after Fortuna restored Sam and Dean's lost luck, their credit cards started working again, including, presumably, the one Charlie gave them.

Charlie was an I. She was a lesbian and she appeared to have the same taste in women as Dean. She had a taste for electro-pop and left politics, and is a keen gamer and fangirl.

She described herself as being "completely obsessed" and was highly intelligent. She also admitted to having a problem with authority and as such sometimes hacked websites to express this.

Charlie was also shown to be openly flirtatious. Despite being intelligent and very interested in the world of the supernatural, Charlie was somewhat timid, and was easily intimidated when facing opponents who could kill her, as well as anything generally supernatural or dangerous.

However, she normally managed to overcome her fears to do what's right or necessary. She also commonly used geek speak and slang.

She had a sibling-like relationship with the Winchester brothers, like when Dean called her "the little sister I never wanted.

Charlie described herself as a "nerd" and was proud of the fact. She was very resourceful as shown in her ability to evade the law for 16 years and later the Styne Family.

Charlie also displayed her resourcefulness when, before her death, she emails her notes to Sam before she destroys them so the knowledge won't be lost with her death.

Charlie has a dark side that is vicious and shows no remorse or hesitation in torture and killing. According to Charlie's good side, while separated from her, Dark Charlie did a lot of really bad things even before torturing people to find Russell Wellington.

Without her dark side, Charlie is pure good, unwilling to hack, drink or even hit on people.

However, even without her dark side, Charlie proved willing, albeit with much reluctance, to kill.

When the two sides are united, Charlie describes herself as neither good nor bad but "balanced. Charlie is seen to be extremely smart and very knowledgeable about technology.

She was able to hack the Commodore 64 despite it being over 50 years old. She is also extremely good at hacking, having hacked Frank Deveraux 's hard drive in about a day despite all the protections Frank put on it and his paranoid nature in protecting his things.

She was also able to easily hack Dick Roman 's computer, an act that she told Sam and Dean she deserved to get caught at if it took her more than fifteen minutes.

Her hacking and decoding abilities are also seen in how she was able to crack the Book of the Damned : after a long time of frustrating work on translating the Book and Nadia's Codex , she finally broke a code that not even Rowena , a centuries-old witch could crack and that she herself had earlier believed was impossible for her to do.

Charlie is very brave as seen with her willingness to brave returning to Richard Roman Enterprises to help get information on Dick Roman, her actions in confronting the Wicked Witch and going to Oz to help free it from evil and how she fought so hard to keep the Book of the Damned from the Styne Family.

Her biggest act of bravery was when, even though she knew it was likely to cost her her life, she refused to give her notes on the Book of the Damned to Eldon Frankenstein as his family would use it for evil, destroying her Surface tablet to that extent.

Though she was killed and was clearly scared, she faced Eldon down with her blade rather than cowering in fear, though it didn't do her any good.

She also made sure that what she'd learned wasn't lost so her sacrifice wouldn't be in vain. This bravery seems to have been developed over the course of her adventures with Sam and Dean as during LARP and the Real Girl , she was more than willing to run from her new life rather than face danger at first, but after helping, she decided to stop running and settle into a life.

Charlie was a petite red haired woman in her mid 20's. She had a Princess Leia tattoo because she thought Princess Leia was an awesome kind of woman, and she admired her so much, she got this tattoo during a comic convention while she was drunk.

She appeared to need glasses, but only wore them when the Winchesters first met her. In Pac-Man Fever she decided to get herself some bangs, still keeping her signature long red hair.

She keeps this hairstyle until the events of Slumber Party , where she departs to Oz. Returning from Oz, she had cut her trademark long red hair shorter.

While the Wicked Witch was in the Men of Letters bunker , she attempted to kill Dean Winchester with a bolt of green energy. Charlie jumped in front of the blast and was killed instead.

Dean was able to get Gadreel to secretly resurrect Charlie. After Charlie destroyed her Surface Tablet and with it her notes on decoding the Book of the Damned , she was confronted by Eldon who stabbed Charlie several times, killing her.

Comic-Con has become more of a pop cultural festival, and to not be included feels like you're missing the biggest celebration of the year.

My favorite 'Mister Rogers' episodes were always the ones where Mr. Rogers would go into the community. I believe you are never past the point of creating opportunities for yourself.

I could go off into the wilderness and write fantasy novels for the rest of my life and probably be happy; but I always want to challenge myself.

I love sitcoms, and I grew up on sitcoms. That's my tasty junk food. I still do commercial work as an actor, which I love, because it's very quick, and it definitely pays my bills.

I have a little obsessive-compulsive personality. You can tell because I played online games for eight hours a day. I learned that lack of budget can be overcome by fan passion if you can get your content to the people who like what you do.

I'd been on 'Buffy' - that is an amazing community, the Joss Whedon fans. I think every role is always exciting and intimidating.

I've never had a role where I wasn't intimidated by it. I'm resigned to the fact that the corseted history of America is not as exciting as that of Britain.

I've read every single fantasy novel there is. I mean, I would challenge a lot of people to read more fantasy novels than I have. I think Hollywood has seen what fandom can do for a project.

You can definitely see that when you go to Comic-con. Nobody sets out to break new ground. I think change comes when people have no other choice.

On Tumblr, I'm really careful about not following too many things. I enjoy going on there to discover new things more than anywhere else now.

Sustaining an audience with a web series is an impossible task. I actually did go through severe depression and anxiety attacks where I couldn't sleep for weeks.

It was definitely several months of being not myself. This is a huge subculture that really doesn't have a vehicle to rally around or educate people with.

For the vlogging channel, I wanted to build the infrastructure and build up all the personalities in a way that felt like weren't just forcing the audience to watch everyone we have.

I came from a dance background, so that's what I did my whole teenage years. I was at the dance studio a lot. It just becomes your social scene and part of your life.

I'll be in a series for three or four episodes, but then I'll be off the series, and downtime, as an actor, is a little more than most people understand.

Most of the time you're just sitting around taking coffee with friends. I'd been in Hollywood for five years before I started writing 'The Guild.

So I was very lucky in that respect. Most people don't make a living acting. I guess I just always had this idea that I would go to Hollywood.

I had the typical 'get up and go' attitude that you have to have in order to make the brave step into the big city. I think the more web video there is, the more press you'll get, as well as all the people who want to tell stories that haven't been told before but can't do that on TV because different stories are a risk.

I don't appeal to everyone well. I appeal to fewer people in a much stronger way. That's what fandom is to me, and what creates fans for everything I make.

I'm very persistent; I know the Internet very well, because I grew up on the Internet. In "First Born", Crowley and Dean go to her maker, teacher, and former lover, Cain, to get his Mark and the First Blade from him—the Blade, when wielded by someone bearing the Mark of Cain, is stated to be the only weapon capable of killing Abaddon—and Cain reveals that Abaddon, after failing to persuade him to rejoin her, had tricked him into murdering his beloved human wife Colette; as he is unable to seek revenge directly due to a promise he had made to Colette, he gives Dean the Mark so that Dean can kill Abaddon once Crowley finds the Blade.

She intended to possess Henry to spy on the Men of Letters before destroying them, but accepted Josie's offer and possessed her instead, all without Henry's knowledge.

In the present, Abaddon has given the order for her minions to begin stealing souls again in order to build an army of demons loyal only to her.

In attempt to eliminate all threats posed to her and her rule, Abaddon concocts a plan to kill Crowley and the Winchesters and to destroy the First Blade, by first bringing Crowley's human son Gavin forward in time and torturing him until Crowley agrees to help her set up a trap for Sam and Dean.

She has him send the Winchesters to retrieve the First Blade and then lead them to her so that she can destroy them all at once, though Crowley manages to subtly warn Dean of the trap.

Although unaware of the double-cross, Abaddon incapacitates Crowley by shooting him with a devil's trap bullet in order to keep him from interfering in the upcoming fight, planning to kill him and his son once she has killed the Winchesters.

She is slain by Dean wielding the First Blade when the Mark grants Dean new powers that enable him to overcome her attacks.

Following Abaddon's death, all demons go back to following Crowley. Despite this, some demons remain loyal to her and outraged at Dean killing her, try to ambush him in "Black" only to be easily killed themselves.

Executive producer and series writer Adam Glass revealed on Twitter that his inspiration for Abaddon was Lauren Bacall , an actress whom he admires.

Abraxas, portrayed by Nelson Leis, is a powerful and sadistic black-eyed demon appearing in season 14 who murdered the family of Lucifer 's future vessel Nick.

Abraxas is briefly mentioned, though not by name, in season 5's " Sympathy for the Devil " when Lucifer mentions the brutal murders of Nick's family which Lucifer uses to manipulate the man into consenting to possession.

In season 14's "Gods and Monsters," Nick learns that his family's murders are still unsolved after nine years and begins seeking revenge starting with Arty Nielson, his neighbor who witnessed a man running out of Nick's house on the night of the murders.

In "Unhuman Nature," Nick tracks down Frank Kellogg, the police officer Abraxas had possessed on the night of the murders to commit them.

Frank tells Nick that Nick's wife Sarah had called the police to report a prowler and when Frank investigated, he found Abraxas outside.

After introducing himself, Abraxas had possessed Frank to brutally beat Sarah and Nick's son Teddy to death with a hammer. Nick remembers that Lucifer knew the name Abraxas and realizes the truth, but murders Frank anyway as possessed or not, it was still Frank's hands used in the murders.

In "Damaged Goods," Nick captures and tortures demons to death in search of Abraxas. Nick finally captures a demon who was working with Abraxas when they brutally slaughtered all but one member of a Girl Scout troop.

The demon reveals that Abraxas was captured by Mary Winchester before Nick kills the demon. Nick kidnaps Mary and forces her to admit that when she couldn't defeat Abraxas, she trapped him in an Enochian puzzle box.

Nick forces Mary to lead him to the storage unit where the puzzle box is located and kidnaps a security guard named Jeff to act as Abraxas' vessel.

Possessing Jeff and contained by a devil's trap, Abraxas offers to tell Nick what he wants to know if Nick murders Mary.

Abraxas reveals to Nick that he was ordered by Lucifer to commit the murders, though Nick was no one special and Abraxas had chosen him by throwing a dart at the phone book.

Dean attempts an exorcism , but Abraxas stops him. While Abraxas is distracted, Nick shoves him to the floor from behind and stabs Abraxas in the chest with an angel blade, killing the demon and avenging his family.

Anthony is a minor demon appearing season 13 portrayed by Bianca Caroca. According to Lucifer he's "a minor player.

Total nobody getting a day rate. Anthony appears in "Bring 'em Back Alive" where he possesses a teenage girl.

In a scene reminiscent of The Exorcist , Anthony is tied to a bed by two priests who attempt to ineptly exorcise him from the girl.

Shaking the bed, Anthony taunts the two priests over their own vices while they mistake him for Satan and call for Satan to leave the girl.

Having overheard the attempted exorcism, the real Lucifer shows up, annoyed that the priests have mistaken Anthony for him and by Anthony's antics.

Questioned by Lucifer, Anthony simply states that he's "just having a little fun. As Anthony returns to Hell in a cloud of black smoke, Lucifer orders him not to come back.

Though Anthony is exorcised, the damage the girl's body took while he was possessing her causes the girl not to survive the possession and exorcism.

Ardat, portrayed by Sharon Taylor , is a powerful black-eyed demon who hated Belphegor , aware that the other demon wanted to take power in Hell.

In "Raising Hell," Ardat is first mentioned by Arthur Ketch when he reveals that he was hired to assassinate Belphegor.

Belphegor appears to be unsurprised by Ardat's move and Arthur states that Ardat had called Belphegor "a monstrous threat to humanity.

In "The Rupture," possessing a doctor at a hospital, Ardat kills a nurse and confronts a recovering Arthur over his failure to follow through on the job of assassinating Belphegor.

Arthur attempts to kill Ardat with an angel blade, but the powerful demon effortlessly overpowers the injured former assassin. After confirming that Arthur will not betray his friends for anything, Ardat brutally rips out Arthur's still-beating heart and crushes it, killing him.

Using Arthur's cell phone to pose as him, she then contacts Dean and learns of the Winchesters' plan which involves returning to Hell.

In Hell, as Belphegor and Castiel recover Lilith's Crook, Ardat attacks, knowing Belphegor's true intentions and intending to stop him at all costs.

Castiel battles Ardat, but proves to be no match for the demon who warns him that Belphegor is only using him to get power in Hell.

While Ardat is distracted by Castiel, Belphegor kills her from behind with an angel blade and confirms to Castiel, who has been suspicious of the demon's motives all along, that she was telling the truth.

Castiel subsequently kills Belphegor before he can succeed. After the world is saved, Dean reports Arthur's death to Sam along with the fact that it was probably a demon who did it, though they are unaware that it was Ardat.

Asmodeus portrayed primarily by Jeffrey Vincent Parise is a demon who is first mentioned in season 12's "Stuck in the Middle With You " and identified as one of the four Princes of Hell alongside Azazel , Ramiel and Dagon.

Like Ramiel and Dagon, Asmodeus is stated to have left Hell a long time ago and to have lost interest in Lucifer's plans in favor of his "hobbies.

Asmodeus first appears in season 13's "The Rising Son". Appearing in Crowley's former palace, Asmodeus announces himself as the new King of Hell to all of the gathered demons with a stated intention to rule until Lucifer can be found or his Nephilim son Jack in his place.

Displaying immense powers, Asmodeus quickly begins reshaping Hell to his standards, summarily executing several demons that fail to meet those standards.

Asmodeus uses his unique shapeshifting abilities to get close to the Winchesters and Jack. Disguised as the Prophet Donatello Redfield, Asmodeus manipulates Jack into opening a portal to release the Shedim, creatures that even Lucifer fears.

After Asmodeus is exposed, he is forced to retreat by an enraged Jack. In "War of the Worlds", Asmodeus seeks out Jack, using his powers to search for the boy while also interrogating those who have seen the Winchesters.

Upon Lucifer's return from Apocalypse World, it is sensed by Asmodeus who finds Lucifer and Castiel together in a bar. Sensing his "father's" weakened state, Asmodeus announces an intention to keep power for himself in Hell and imprisons Lucifer and Castiel.

He then hires Arthur Ketch to help him search for Jack, made more urgent by the threat of an impending invasion by the Michael of an alternate reality.

To keep the Winchesters from finding out that Castiel has been captured, Asmodeus impersonates Castiel on a phone call to trick them.

Asmodeus, in his guise as Castiel, contacts the Winchesters in this way over the course of a few episodes to both keep them off of his trail and to see if they've learned anything about Jack's location.

Wanting to get rid of the traitor, Asmodeus sends a demonic messenger to warn Luther and to ask Luther to tip off Asmodeus if Barthamus arrives.

Luther refuses to help Asmodeus and exorcises the messenger instead. At the same time, he interrogates the Prophet Donatello Redfield, learning of the Winchesters' plot to open a door to Apocalypse World.

Asmodeus places Donatello under his control as an unwitting spy. After Arthur's failure to kill Lucifer, Asmodeus unveils his newest acquisition: the Archangel Blade, the one weapon that can kill Lucifer.

After Arthur points out that only an archangel can wield it, Asmodeus introduces Arthur to the archangel Gabriel who has been believed dead for nearly eight years.

Gabriel is shown to be Asmodeus' prisoner. Asmodeus dismisses Arthur until he is ready to see the man and is less than pleased to learn that Arthur knew that Castiel was in Syria seeking out the Tree of Life.

Enraged by Arthur's continuing audacity, Asmodeus beats the man brutally, claiming Arthur to be worse than any demon he knows and that he owns Arthur due to his nature despite Arthur's desire for redemption.

Asmodeus' beating causes Arthur to break Gabriel out and to steal the Archangel Blade and Asmodeus' store of Gabriel's extracted grace, bringing all three to the Winchesters.

In "Bring 'em Back Alive", Sam and Castiel learn from Gabriel's story that after faking his death, Gabriel was captured and sold to Asmodeus who tortured him for years and used Gabriel's grace to gain incredible powers.

As Sam and Castiel try to treat the traumatized Gabriel, Asmodeus uses his powers to seek him out, eventually locating Gabriel in the Winchester's bunker.

Asmodeus calls Sam and threatens to destroy the bunker if Gabriel isn't turned over to him in ten minutes.

When Sam fails to comply, Asmodeus breaks through the wards and leads a demon incursion to kill Sam and Castiel and recapture Gabriel.

Though the incursion is initially successful, when Asmodeus begins torturing Sam and Castiel, it causes Gabriel to snap out of his traumatized state and fight back.

Asmodeus proves to be no match for the enraged archangel who incinerates Asmodeus in retaliation for all that the Prince of Hell did to him.

Gabriel reveals that he was tortured by Asmodeus every day for years and believes he was sold to the Prince of Hell by the gods both to get rid of him before Lucifer could learn that Gabriel was still alive and to make a profit.

Gabriel is in a somewhat weakened state as Asmodeus drained much of his grace and he used a lot of what was left to kill the Prince of Hell and his grace has yet to recharge much.

Dean later learns from Loki that Loki selling Gabriel to Asmodeus was an act of revenge as Loki blamed Gabriel for the death of his father Odin at Lucifer's hands.

Barthamus is a Crossroads Demon portrayed by David Cubitt. High-ranking, Barthamus implies that he took over Crowley's old position of King of the Crossroads after Crowley became the King of Hell.

Rather than taking the spell to Asmodeus as the demon expects, Barthamus kills the demon with an angel blade and instead contacts the Winchesters to offer them a deal for the spell.

Barthamus reveals that a man named Luther Shrike has a trunk containing Barthamus' property, though Barthamus refuses to reveal exactly what the property is.

Barthamus needs Dean's blood to get into the vault as it only opens to the blood of a man who has been to Hell and back.

Furthermore, Luther's property is warded against Barthamus. As further incentive, Barthamus threatens to give the tracking spell to Asmodeus instead.

The Winchesters agree to the deal and are joined by a demon thief named Grab that Barthamus hired and a safe cracker named Alice who is revealed to have made a deal with Barthamus years before which he uses as leverage to force Alice to work for him.

Though Grab is killed, the Winchesters and Alice succeed in stealing the trunk and confront Luther.

To their shock, Luther reveals that Barthamus is the true villain in the situation: two hundred years before, Luther sold his soul to Barthamus in exchange for the demon saving his son from a terminal illness.

The boy died of drowning a few years later and Barthamus coldly refused to intervene. The trunk contains the leverage the Luther used to force Barthamus to resurrect him after he was dragged to Hell and to grant Luther invulnerability on his property: Barthamus' original human bones, which, if burned, would kill the demon.

As Luther has left his property, Barthamus uses the chance to kill Luther through decapitation , but the Winchesters renege on the deal out of disgust for Barthamus' actions.

Barthamus threatens Alice's life to force the Winchesters to hand over the trunk, but Alice uses Dean's lighter to burn the bones instead.

Barthamus quickly goes up in flames and burns to ash. However, Barthamus' fiery death destroys the tracking spell which was in his hand at the time.

The Bearded Demon, portrayed by Mackenzie Murdock, is an unnamed demon who has a recurring role in the tenth , eleventh and twelfth seasons.

He is characterized as often laughing at a situation even if it's inappropriate, something the demon attributes to having once possessed a fourteen-year-old girl whose hormones still affect him somehow.

In season 10's "Dark Dynasty," Crowley ties the demon to a pillar and uses him as a makeshift dartboard. Crowley's sadistic game of darts is interrupted by two demons with bad news about his mother.

After killing one of the demons and sending the other away in fear, Crowley jabs his remaining darts into the demon's chest and leaves the room with the demon still tied to a pillar.

Though left in pain by the move, the demon compliments the grouping. In season 11's " We Happy Few ," the demon attends the meeting where Crowley tries to rally the demons back under his control, only to fail.

Along with another demon, this demon openly mocks Crowley's failures and laughs at his bluster. He joins the other demons in abandoning Crowley, apparently for good.

In season 12's " Keep Calm and Carry On ," this demon, along with Jervis, is assigned by Lucifer to clean up all of his burned out vessels.

The two demons are eventually confronted by Crowley and though nervous, the demon joins Jervis in mocking Crowley.

After Crowley announces his intention to kill Lucifer while he is weakened, the demon begins openly laughing while Jervis mocks his words.

Completely fed up, Crowley draws an angel blade and kills Jervis and then the Bearded Demon. Crowley mockingly asks "who's laughing now?

Belphegor, portrayed by Alexander Calvert , is a demon who is released from Hell when God begins the Apocalypse and allies himself with the Winchesters.

While he is a low-tier demon, he actually eye color is unknown as Jack's eyes are burned out while Belphegor is possessing him.

Belphegor only states that he is not a regular black-eyed grunt nor is he a Crossroads Demon. He is also known to have worked as a torturer in Hell.

In "Back and to the Future," possessing the corpse of Lucifer's Nephilim son Jack, Belphegor presents himself as an ally to the Winchesters, explaining that in Hell he tortures souls and loves his job and as such, he wants to restore Hell back to normal.

While reluctant, the Winchesters and Castiel agree to ally with Belphegor who promises to leave Jack's body as soon as he finds a suitable new vessel.

Belphegor helps the three escape the horde of zombies that has them trapped and offers a spell to contain the escaped souls to a one-mile radius around the cemetery where they were released.

Working with Dean, Belphegor successfully casts the spell and contains the ghosts. However, he reveals to Dean that every door in Hell was opened which means two to three billion ghosts are now loose and in addition, Lucifer's Cage was opened, potentially releasing Michael to wreak havoc.

In "Raising Hell," Belphegor continues to aid the Winchesters, Castiel and Rowena in their efforts to contain the escaped ghosts and the failing barrier.

At the same time, Arthur Ketch reveals that he has been hired by the demon Ardat to assassinate Belphegor who she calls "a monstrous threat to humanity.

In "The Rupture," after the Book of the Damned fails to fix the barrier, Belphegor offers up a solution: Lilith's Crook, a horn created by Lilith to draw the demons and souls of Hell back to her in case they ever fell out of her control.

While Belphegor and Castiel travel into Hell to get the crook, Sam and Rowena will perform a spell to seal the rupture. Though Belphegor claims he only needs Castiel as backup, Castiel remains suspicious of his motives, especially upon discovering that the crook is in a chest sealed in Enochian which only Castiel can read.

The two are attacked by Ardat who reveals that Belphegor's true motive has always been to take power in Hell for himself and is using the Winchesters and Castiel for that very purpose.

Belphegor kills Ardat and confirms that she was telling the truth, intending to use the crook to draw all of the demons and souls inside of himself to gain unlimited power.

As Belphegor uses the horn, he is beaten to the ground by Castiel and tries to pretend to be Jack to get Castiel to stop.

Seeing through the deception, Castiel smites Belphegor without hesitation, killing the demon and destroying the crook but at the cost of burning Jack's body into a charred skeleton.

After learning of Belphegor's demise, Dean is angry with Castiel as he feels that the demon was a threat they could've dealt with at a later time and Belphegor's demise before they could finish the plan resulted in Rowena having to sacrifice herself to send the remaining souls back to Hell.

While everyone believed that Cain had killed Abel because he was talking to God , Cain actually killed him because he was talking to Lucifer.

However, as part of the deal, Cain had to kill Abel personally. Afterwards, feeling remorse for his actions Cain took his own life, but the Mark resurrected him as a very powerful demon.

For thousands of years, Cain was the worst of the worst, gaining the title Father of Murder and training the rest of the Knights of Hell.

Eventually, Cain fell in love with a human woman, Colette, and gave up his evil ways for her, suppressing the Mark's influence on him to slaughter people.

In , the other Knights kidnapped Colette to force Cain back to his old ways. Cain slaughtered all of the Knights, but when he got to Abaddon, she possessed Colette and tricked Cain into killing his wife.

Due to Colette's dying request, Cain didn't go after Abaddon for revenge and threw the First Blade to the bottom of the Marianas Trench as it couldn't be destroyed, eventually settling in Missouri.

Cain was uninterested in helping them, wanting to keep his promise to Colette, but watched as Dean fought and killed three demons single-handedly.

Impressed, Cain told Dean and Crowley his story, but still refused to help at first. Eventually, after speaking to Colette's grave, Cain chose to help by giving Dean the Mark of Cain so that he could wield the First Blade himself and kill Abaddon.

In return, he asked Dean to kill him afterwards before sending Dean and Crowley away and taking on Abaddon's army single-handedly.

In The Executioner's Song , it is revealed that killing Abaddon's demons caused Cain to fall back under the influence of the Mark of Cain.

Giving into its rage, Cain decided that as so many of his descendants were killers and other sorts of criminals, he'd wipe out his bloodline, despite it being "legion.

Cain confronted Castiel at the site of his victims' graves, but let him go so that Castiel would tell Dean who would bring the First Blade to kill him.

Cain claimed to Dean that there was no cure for the Mark of Cain and it was better to give into its rage.

Dean and Cain fought, but Cain proved more powerful and easily beat Dean, eventually getting the First Blade for himself. Before he could kill Dean, Dean managed to get Cain's knife and cut off his hand.

Cain refused to give up killing, forcing Dean to kill him. While Dean retained his humanity, Cain's descent into madness left both him and Sam deeply worried.

Christian Campbell, portrayed by Corin Nemec , is a hunter, and a third cousin related to Sam and Dean's mother's side of the family.

He is present in the compound in "Two and a Half Men", and it is agreed that he and his wife will raise the baby Shapeshifter despite Dean's objections.

However, the Alpha Shapeshifter arrives, overpowers the hunters and takes back the baby. Later, his neck is snapped by the Alpha Vampire.

It is then revealed that he has been possessed by a demon for an unknown period of time and he and others overpower and remove the Alpha.

The demon possessing Christian is working at Crowley's prison in "Caged Heat" and tortures the Lucifer loyalist Meg for information after capturing her.

Meg is able to withstand his torture, retaliating with taunts about his technique. As he tortures Meg, the demon possessing Christian is surprised from behind by Dean who snatches Ruby's knife from his hand and stabs the demon through the back with it, killing him.

A specific crossroads demon recurred throughout the second and third seasons of the series, possessing only young, beautiful women as her host.

Laing plays the demon in flashbacks depicting musician Robert Johnson selling his soul to learn to play the guitar, while Sousa portrays the demon in the present.

The latter is summoned by Dean in an attempt to rescue a man from a demonic pact previously made. She rejects Dean's plea, instead taunting him about his father 's suffering in Hell.

Dean tricks her into walking into a Devil's Trap, and frees her in exchange for releasing the man from his contract. She resurrects Sam in exchange for collecting Dean's soul in one year.

At the end of the episode, Sam summons her and demands she break her deal with Dean in exchange for her life.

She claims to not hold the contract, being just an employee with a boss to answer to. A frustrated Sam kills the demon with the mystical Colt gun.

She previously auditioned for several love interests of the brothers, but believed that production had waited until the "perfect role" arrived before casting her due to their relationship.

Dagon portrayed by Ali Ahn is one of the four Princes of Hell and one of the oldest and most powerful demons in existence. Despite being female or in a female meatsack , Dagon is still referred to as a Prince of Hell rather than a Princess.

Like her brothers Ramiel and Asmodeus , Dagon long ago lost interest in Lucifer's plans and left Hell for a life on Earth.

She is implied to have failed Lucifer in some way at some point. She is first mentioned in a flashback in "Stuck in the Middle With You ," when Ramiel tells Crowley that Dagon has her "toys" and is uninterested in ruling Hell.

Later, Ramiel tells the Winchesters that Dagon has taken an interest in Lucifer's unborn Nephilim child, though Ramiel himself couldn't care less.

Dagon is first introduced in person in "Family Feud," when she kills two angels to save the life of Kelly Kline, the mother of Lucifer's unborn child.

In "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell", Castiel learns of Dagon's involvement and warns the Winchesters about her, stating that all he knows of Dagon is rumors of her psychotic savagery.

Dagon continues her role as protector of Lucifer's child in "The British Invasion". She is revealed to secretly be working for Lucifer who has promised Dagon a place at his side if she succeeds and is often in telepathic communication with the Fallen archangel.

In order to cover her tracks, Dagon has another demon murder everyone who meets Dagon and Kelly, including a doctor who did a fetal examination on Kelly's insistence.

Dagon's activities are discovered by hunter Eileen Leahy, who helps lure Kelly out. Dagon shows up at the meeting and resists all attempts to kill her, including with the Colt.

Dagon disappears with Kelly and reveals to the woman that the pregnancy will ultimately be fatal to her.

While Kelly now believes the child to be good, Dagon believes that the child simply acted out of self-preservation. Dagon is later attacked by a team of angels led by Castiel who attempt to kill her with the Colt.

Castiel escapes with Kelly, but Dagon kills one of the angels and tortures the other for information before killing him too.

Dagon is able to intercept Castiel at Heaven's portal, killing the angel Joshua and engaging Castiel in battle. Dagon proves to be stronger than the angel, easily beating him to a pulp.

The intervention of the Winchesters leads only to Dagon breaking Dean's arm and effectively destroying the Colt. As Dagon goes to kill Castiel, Lucifer's child empowers the angel from the womb, enabling him to stop Dagon and render her powerless to Dagon's shock.

With the help of Lucifer's child, Castiel incinerates Dagon, killing her as predicted in a premonition the child shared with Kelly. The child's aid against Dagon convinces Castiel of his goodness.

Jack states that he remembers "when the bad woman burned. Dipper is a minor demon portrayed by Shane Dean appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus.

Dipper greatly enjoys the two angels predicament and often taunts Lucifer about his lack of power and his attempt to use his powers on a stick while Lucifer impotently threatens Dipper and makes fun of his name.

Dipper eventually returns to find Castiel and Lucifer arguing and Lucifer's stick gone. As Dipper taunts Lucifer about losing his stick, Lucifer suddenly pulls Dipper against the cell bars with telekinesis, burns through his warding and breaks his stick off in Dipper's neck.

Lucifer explains to a shocked and terrified Dipper that anger is a good motivator and that he forgets that "I'm Lucifer.

After killing four more demons that accost them after Dipper's death, Lucifer and Castiel succeed in escaping before Asmodeus can return.

Drexel first appears in season 12's "The British Invasion" when Crowley brings the supposedly subservient Lucifer before the lesser demons.

In reality, Lucifer makes it clear that he is truly in charge. Drexel later visits Lucifer in his cell and magically examines him, determining that Lucifer's vessel is sound and that the repairs and improvements to it are holding.

However, Drexel is unable to break Crowley's security system upon Lucifer who reacts violently to the news. Drexel reveals that a demon named Spevak created and installed the system and was then killed by Crowley to hide its secrets.

Lucifer makes it clear that he intends Drexel to find a way to release him from Crowley's control. In "There's Something About Mary," Drexel's attempts to break Crowley's control over Lucifer result in the system inverting so that Lucifer can now control Crowley's vessel.

Lucifer uses this to turn the situation on Crowley and apparently kills him in front of Drexel and the other demons. After Lucifer departs in search of his son, Drexel orders two demons to remove Crowley's dead body before Lucifer returns.

In season 13's "The Rising Son," Drexel polishes Lucifer's throne and continues to hold the belief that Lucifer will return, something that Drexel is mocked for by the other demons.

When a demon introducing himself as Asmodeus suddenly appears, Drexel is shocked to realize that it's the fourth Prince of Hell.

Asmodeus announces his intention to take over the throne of Hell until Lucifer and his son can be found. When Asmodeus summarily executes the demons who don't meet his standards, Drexel is one of three demons that he spares.

Drexel coordinates the search for Lucifer and his son for Asmodeus and is told about Asmodeus' history with creatures known as the Shedim, a history that caused Lucifer to inflict lasting scars upon Asmodeus' face.

Duke, portrayed by Aidan Kahn, is a rogue Crossroads Demon appearing in season 11 who sets out for his own benefit following the release of the Darkness and Lucifer.

In " Beyond the Mat ," Duke forces wrestler Gunner Lawless to help him murder people and steal their souls so that Duke can create a "nest egg" for himself with the release of the Darkness and Lucifer ruling Hell again.

Having made a crossroads deal with Gunner ten years before, Duke offers to keep the hellhounds at bay if Gunner works for him, a deal Gunnar reluctantly takes.

The Winchesters come to the funeral of one of Duke's victims, their father's favorite wrestler and stumble across the crime scene of his newest target, quickly putting together that they are dealing with a demon stealing souls.

Duke tries to convince another wrestler to make a deal and join him, but the man refuses and Duke had Gunner murder him shortly before the Winchesters arrive.

Duke sends Gunner to kill Dean while he takes care of Sam personally, explaining his plot to Sam. Though briefly interrupted by Dean, Duke flings him away with telekinesis and prepares to kill Sam, commenting that "this is my favorite part.

With Duke no longer holding them back, the hellhounds come after Gunner who accepts his fate. Gerald, portrayed by Jackson Berlin and Viv Leacock, is a minor demon appearing season He once mentions that he killed his own mother over cigarettes.

In "Girls, Girls, Girls," Gerald runs a brothel alongside Raul and another demon to increase soul numbers following the war with Abaddon.

The operation is interrupted by the witch Rowena MacLeod who hits Raul with a spell that liquifies the demon. Terrified, Gerald flees his vessel and possesses a nearby construction worker to report in to Crowley who is disgusted by Gerald and Raul's operation which Crowley finds to be just tacky.

Gerald spurs Crowley to action against Rowena who is captured by a backup team led by Gerald after the main team is killed by the Winchesters.

To his shock, Crowley realizes that Rowena is his own mother. Gerald offers to do it for Crowley if Crowley can't bring himself to do it, mentioning how he once killed his own mother.

Rowena and the demon Trish later claim that Gerald is the one who is smuggling other demons out of Hell, enraging Gerald into strangling Rowena.

When Gerald refuses to relent, Crowley kills him by stabbing Gerald through the back of the head and out of his mouth with an angel blade.

Following Gerald's death, Crowley becomes more accepting of Rowena while it is revealed that Rowena and Trish lied and used Gerald as a scapegoat to gain Crowley's trust.

Subsequently, in "The Hunter Games," Rowena reminds Guthrie how she exposed the "traitor" Gerald when he is reluctant to help her out.

Grab is a demon thief appearing in season 13 portrayed by Matthew Kevin Anderson. He is described as an expert in bypassing supernatural security and is portrayed as more obnoxious than evil or malicious despite being a demon.

Its implied that Grab is not actually his real name but an alias. In "The Scorpion and the Frog," Grab is hired by the Crossroads Demon Barthamus to work with the Winchesters and a human safe cracker named Alice to break into the vault of Luther Shrike and retrieve Barthamus' property.

Grab is brought in to use his talents in bypassing supernatural security to locate the vault itself which can only be opened by Dean's blood.

Once the Winchesters and Alice get onto Luther's property, Dean performs a summoning spell to bring Grab to them. Grab uses a spell to turn Dean into a sort of dousing rod, using the attraction between Dean's blood and the vault to find it.

After the vault is found, Grab chooses to remain outside, apparently too afraid to go any further. While he waits outside the cellar containing the vault, Grab is confronted by Luther himself.

Luther quickly kills Grab with Ruby's Knife and his body is later found by Alice.

charlie supernatural Charlie also has a poster for the movie Coven. During his confrontation with the Winchesters, Ramiel states plainly that he just doesn't care about anything other than being left. Charlie has learned from her experience and decides to let her mother go. Barthamus quickly goes up in flames and burns to ash. Without her dark side, Remarkable, dig operation armageddon what is pure good, unwilling to hack, drink or even hit on people. I was at the dance studio a lot. After Dean's speech, Charlie and her army charge into battle the opposing kingdoms and win. Unknown to Claire, as she sits down to a read article, a rift from The remarkable, gunnel lindblom God! Place opens and brings Kaia's killer to the Winchesters world. TV Go here Self - Drums Wiki erstellen. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Sam und Charlie arbeiten gemeinsam an einem Fall, wobei sie beinahe charlie supernatural gesamte Episode über im Auto sitzen und ihnen dadurch Zeit stadt an 5 buchstaben ein rührendes Gespräch eingeräumt wird. Charlie schafft es fast aus dem Gebäude, doch Dick erkennt was sie getan hat und sperrt das Gebäude ab. Nun versucht die Serie, ihren fiesesten Tod wiedergutzumachen. Dean reagiert mia and me 3 staffel merkwürdig auf das Buch der Verdammten, also flieht er regelrecht aus dem Haus, um Snacks für Charlie zu besorgen. Sie wurde für einen einzigen Schockmoment für Sam und Dean aus der Serie katapultiert. Von einer Telefonzelle aus kontaktiert sie Sam und Dean, nachdem sie angeschossen click the following article und bittet um Hilfe. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Obwohl sie intelligent ist und sehr an der Welt des Übernatürlichen interessiert zu sein scheint, ist sie leicht eingeschüchtert, wenn sie mit Gegnern konfrontiert wird.

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►Charlie Bradbury - Walking on sunshine Die Winchesters bitten sie um Hilfe und widerwillig geht Charlie darauf ein. So kommt es, das die Jungs den Fall näher untersuchen und dabei auf Charlie treffen. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Sie glaubt jedoch kein Just click for source von dem was dort steht und hält Frank für einen Geisteskranken, bis sie sieht, wie ihr Vorgesetzter Stream download von einem Leviathan gefressen wird. Sie spürten Charlie see more und sahen, dass was mit ihr nicht stimmte. Links Damour uncut Felicia Day. Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Doch in der Regel gelingt es ihr, visit web page Ängste zu click at this page, um zu tun, was richtig oder notwendig ist. Sie kann den Code knacken, wird aber von den Stynes gefunden und getötet, nachdem sie die Übersetzung an Sam senden konnte und kretschmann marcus Laptop zerstörte. Deshalb war die Freude in Staffel 13 enorm, als Sam und Dean auf Charlie aus der apokalyptischen Parallelwelt charlie supernatural, natürlich ebenso gespielt von Felicia Day. Sie sahen sich die Aufzeichnungen der Überwachungskamera an und erkannten eindeutig Charlie. Aktuelle Kommentare Serien A bis Z Interviews. Das Begräbnis war angemessen traurig, aber danach schien sie vergessen. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an charlie bradbury an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Supernatural is my religion and I am not ashamed to admit it. I love Supernatural so much that I often find myself doing odd little things that I probably wouldn't do. Charlie #supernatural Apokalypse, Filme Serien, Geister, Bilder, The Supernatural, Supernatural Sneak Peek: Dean and Sam Go LARPing With Felicia Day. charlie bradbury icons | Tumblr. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you.

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Artikel des Monats Februar Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Allerdings sind Jay, Charlie und Vernon alt geworden und junge Zauberer stehlen ihnen das Rampenlicht, was besonders Jay zu schaffen macht. Das Begräbnis war angemessen traurig, aber danach schien sie vergessen. Aktuelle Kommentare Als sie aus Neugier eine Datei anklickt, auf der geheime Informationen von Dicks Firma enthalten sind, entdeckt sie Franks gesammeltes Wissen über Leviathane. Als das Essen knapp wurde und die Leute gewalttätig, war auch Kara unter den Opfern. Sie glaubt jedoch kein Wort von dem was dort click here und hält Go here für einen Geisteskranken, bis sie sieht, wie ihr Vorgesetzter Pete von einem Leviathan gefressen wird. Anmelden More info hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Staffel zu integrieren und Charlies Tod auf schmerzhafte und wunderschöne Weise zugleich wiedergutzumachen. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. charlie supernatural

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